Getting offline

Can we get offline more often?


Healing Tip

Get offline


We were not that surprised to hear that on Twitter the fifth most popular New Year’s Resolution last year was to get offline more often.

What is the quality of your concentration? We spend lots of time being stimulated by the many things in our life. I find that being online can really challenge the focus I have. I may go into Facebook with the intention of posting about a workshop, for example, and 30 minutes later I’ve had an interesting time reading about lots of stuff, but I haven’t actually written the post! Do you find the same?

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who does decide to get offline regularly spent some of that time meditating. What a great benefit that would be to the world!




meditation warm-up

Meditation warm-up


Meditation Tip

meditation warm-up


Before you sit to begin meditating try these simple routines. They will help you to relax and loosen some of the tension.
Remember to do them slowly and mindfully.

  • Gently stretch your arms up and then slowly down to the side several times.
  • Then slowly bend forward and down as far as you are comfortable. Straighten up and bend backwards.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply through your nostrils for 5 rounds of inhalation and exhalation.



Beginners Meditation and Relaxation Classes: A new 6-week course starts in Albury-Wodonga on 12 September.

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feeling the pressure

Feeling the pressure


Healing Tip


feeling the pressure


Lately I’ve been feeling the pressure. Running a business involves an endless list of things to do. Is there ever really enough time in the day?

“But who writes your To-Do list?”, I hear you say. “Surely you can leave a few things off. It can’t be that hard.”

We all have sub-conscious programs that urge us to act a particular way. I believe that we all have approximately 60,000 programs that “run” us. The startling idea for me was that 45,000 of them were in place by age 7!!

Meditation and reflecting on life’s challenges can help us to understand and clear the programs that “control” us. Journaling and talking to other like-minded people can also help.

In terms of being an entrepreneur, I’m learning to be very practical and a bit more realistic, and doing my best to live in joy.