Meditation Classes in Albury-Wodonga starting soon


Meditation Classes in Albury-Wodonga


Here in Albury-Wodonga our next meditation class starts on Tuesday 23 June. It is a 6-week Beginners Meditation and Relaxation class designed for people who want to manage their stress. Each class includes simple meditation techniques that are very easy to learn. Some take less that a minute to do.

And we always finish with relaxation, so you get to float home!

Is it time you learned how to meditate? Read more or book here now


M-L-R Workshop in Albury Wodonga

Not long till M-L-R Workshop in Albury-Wodonga


M-L-R Workshop in Albury Wodonga


Here in Albury-Wodonga we are looking forward to spending time laughing, meditating and relaxing next Monday 22 June. This is the date of our next 2-hour workshop, that will leave you feeling calm, happy and relaxed! Read more or book here now

At the last one someone arrived late. Rather than start with meditation we decided to start with Laughter – so she could just join in when she arrived.

Well, we found that people meditated much better after dropping away some of their stress with the laughter! So that is what we will do from now on.

After a cuppa and chat we will finish with 20 minutes of guided relaxation.

Are you ready for a fun, relaxing night?

We hope you can join us.