gratitude journal

Gratitude Journal

Healing Tip

gratitude journal


Lanterns are lit in times of celebration.
What can you celebrate today?
What can you be grateful for?
These positive thought vibrations plant powerful seeds of happiness for the future. And you get to enjoy them now, as well!
Put a smile on your face right now as you find your top 10 things you are grateful for.
Perhaps even write them down.
A gratitude journal is a great tool when done daily.
Finding happiness in the small things of life builds joy and peace.
We hope you take a moment to build joy today!

gratitude practice

Gratitude Practice

Last year I attended the Goddess on Purpose event, in Creswick, Australia, as a sponsor and we were invited to give each participant a gift.

After some thought I decided to publish my 3 Steps to Inner Peace as a gift card. These are three simple techniques to clear stress, improve mood and spend time nourishing ourselves. The last Step was Gratitude Practice.

gratitude practice

Gratitude practice

This will improve your mood and increase your level of joy.

It will make you less reactive and more loving.

Take a few minutes to think of everything you are grateful for.

Do this at least 3 times each day.


These days I prefer to suggest a Gratitude Journal. Get an exercise book and each evening write down 10 things you are grateful for.

Some days you will find lots to be grateful for.

Other days you will need to keep it really simple: did you have a hot shower, did you have 3 meals, a warm bed a night etc. You can even be grateful for the air that you breathe!

Keep it really simple on those tough days where you feel particularly stressed. But keep the practice going every day and you will soon feel the benefits.

Will you commit to doing this every day for one month?


How negative is your thinking?

It is easy to be caught in a negative thinking loop. Our thoughts move incredibly fast. The Buddha taught that the mind arises and passes millions of  times per second!

Can you avoid Criticism, Complaining and Comparing yourself to others?

We’d love to hear how you go and if you have any questions.

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