Nature is very healing

Nature is very healing


Healing Tip

Just being out amongst trees and fresh air can bring clarity to our mind.

Looking into the distance, when walking, can help to clear depressive thoughts.


Nature is very healing


Standing barefoot on the ground and/or walking in rain floods the body with negative ions – which help to clear and balance the build up of positive ions. These accumulate when we live in cities and work with technology all day.

So go outside at your next opportunity and breathe in some nature.


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brain tapping

Tapping Out the Cortices

This morning I returned from an interview feeling stressed. I noticed when I got home I couldn’t settle to the many tasks in front of me. So it is timely that I share with you one of the most powerful techniques that I have ever learned. It will help to relax you and will clear stress physically from the body, leaving the mind and emotions more settled as well.

It is a simple Brain Tapping technique called Tapping Out the Cortices.

It will

  • balance the left and right sides of the brain
  • improve brain function
  • improve the communication between the brain and the cells of the body
  • clear stress from the body and mind

Dr John Veltheim an Australian chiropractor and acupuncturist designed this technique to improve brain function as part of The BodyTalk System of Healthcare. This system is now being taught in 3 European universities.

This Brain Tapping technique is used by paramedics as soon as they reach a crash site in Europe as it stops a person from going into shock.

So please do yourself a favour and try this.

We’d love to hear how you go and if you have any questions.

Happy Tapping!