Tired Woman's Tonic

My Tired Woman’s Tonic!


That’s right.

If you are stressed, tired and/or in poor health these 3 techniques, my Tired Woman’s Tonic, take less than 5 minutes a day. They are JUST what you need.


Tired Woman’s Tonic:

1.  Brain Tapping
This technique is used on crash victims in some countries as it stops someone going into shock. It will improve brain function and activate your innate healing wisdom.

 Abdominal Breathing

I first learned this in yoga classes 40 years ago. It will relax and energise you.

 Gratitude Practice

My Dad often suggested that I “count my blessings”. Gratitude can lift our mood and change our vibration so that miracles can pop into our day. Give it a try!!

You too can get back to living a life of purpose and enchantment.



3 keys to manifesting

Is Your Mind Your Best friend?


Do you use your mind to increase your happiness?

You do know that is possible, right?

As the Buddha said:

“Our whole life is created by our mind.”


Is your mind your best friend?

Do you use your mind to create a wonderful future or do you get stuck in negative thinking, thereby creating a future of difficulty?

What do you dream about?

My video, today, is called


The 3 Keys to Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams



1.  What do you really WANT?

2.  Allow yourself to DREAM when in the Alpha state.

3.  Find your SWEET spot.



Calcutta Chant laughter yoga

Calcutta Chant


Nothing quite like the rhythm of a good chant!


Grim care, moroseness, and anxiety—all this rust of life ought to be scoured off by the oil of mirth.
Mirth is God’s medicine.
— Henry Ward Beecher