The leader can act as a WARRIOR or as a HEALER


warrior or healerTwo of my dear friends have been diagnosed with bowel cancer. The news shocked me when they told me, so I can’t imagine what level of shock and perhaps panic they felt when they got the news.

If your friend has cancer what can you do?

  • Can you be a warrior, and help with physical support, listening, shopping etc?
  • Or can you be a healer and hold them in your heart, sending them love with every breath, believing in them and their innate healing wisdom?
  • Can you be both at different times?
  • And then can you withdraw into silence, to rest, release and renew your spirit?


The leader can act as a warrior or as a healer.

As a warrior, the leader acts with power and decision. That is the Yang or masculine aspect of leadership.

Most of the time however the leader acts as a healer and is in an open receptive and nourishing state. That is the Yin or feminine aspect of leadership.

The mixture of doing and being is both productive and potent.
There is a third aspect of leadership: Tao. Periodically the leader withdraws from the group and returns to silence, returns to God.

Being, doing, being…..then, Tao. I withdraw in order to empty myself of what has happened, to replenish my spirit.”

The Tao of Leadership
John Heider

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