Are You Looking for Peace of Mind?
Do You Want to 
Know How to Calm Your Mind and Feel Happy?


Dear Friend,

Are you feeling so busy you can’t stop and take a full breath?

Is your intuition telling you to slow down and learn to meditate?

Imagine being able to wake up each day feeling happy and calm after a restful, deep sleep. Wouldn't that be great?

How would it feel to be able to get what you want out of life? To be on track with your life’s purpose?

Imagine being able to improve your relationships because you are less reactive. It truly is possible, but you need to know how.

If you are interested in developing Peace of Mind, and you know that meditation is the way to go... then you are in the RIGHT place.

Here's why:

There are new Developing Intuition Meditation Classes starting in Wodonga very soon. They cover everything you need to know about meditation to heal stress and leave you calm and happy.

The meditation is taught in easy, simple steps. The meditation is a guided visualisation that is easy and effective. You will feel very relaxed and empowered by the end.

You will be able to get answers to life’s questions from your meditation. Each week we build on techniques to receive Spiritual guidance and intuition.

Your health will improve as well, as we develop a meditation technique geared to activate our innate healing wisdom.

The class is filled with lots of different activities and teachings that together bring you into a state of deep relaxation and contentment. You will notice your creativity increase as well as your ability to solve problems.

You are fully supported as you learn. You will enjoy the time with other like-minded people.

I hope you can see that enrolling in these classes will give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Developing Intuition Meditation

The next 4-week class starts on
Monday 20 March 2017



What's a teaching like this worth?

Your peace of mind, your health, your happiness… Do you agree this is absolutely priceless?

$127 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you learn with these teachings.


Here’s what people just like you have to say about these classes:

“I feel more calm and relaxed about life. The small things don’t seem to stress me as quickly as they used to. I feel more connected to my inner self. I feel healthy and happy. Kathleen, I think you are an excellent teacher, please continue. So many people would benefit.”
Ms Chloe Proctor, Kinesiologist, Wodonga.

“Initially I found it hard to make the time to practice in the mornings, as there was so much else to do. However, once I did establish a routine, I found it was purely for my own benefit and I enjoyed taking this time to go within. I found myself less reactive to external stressors, less agitated, more at peace and it put me in a more thankful and appreciative frame of mind.”
Ms Claire Dunstan, Secondary School Teacher, Albury.

“I attended Kathleen’s classes last year. I learned how to relax and to switch off to irritating sounds. I enjoyed having time out from the busy-ness of my life”
Ms Vanessa Goldsmith, Naturopath, Wodonga.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. These people are happy and relaxed. Just like you'll be.


You don’t want to leave this page empty handed, do you?

For a mere $127, you're getting the answers you need ... PLUS MORE.

Now, you can only get these courses here. They are not available anywhere else in Albury-Wodonga. Just imagine being able to get these results right away.

Developing Intuition Meditation

The next 4-week class starts on
Monday 20 March 2017



Wishing you great success.

Kathleen Howard

P.S. Don't forget, you're getting everything you need to get you started in meditation to relieve stress and leave you calm and happy. So if that's what you want, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

PPS. I look forward to seeing you in the classes.


Kathleen and Ian Howard
Meditate Laugh Relax
Albury-Wodonga, Australia
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