Relaxation – it’s good for you


Take a deep breath and relax. Watch the tension melt from your muscles and all your niggling worries vanish. Yogis have given us this advice for thousands of years. Somehow we all know that relaxation is good for us.


Relaxation – it’s good for you


Now the hard science has caught up: a comprehensive scientific study showing that deep relaxation changes our bodies on a genetic level has just been published. What researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered is that, in long-term practitioners of relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation, far more ”disease-fighting genes” were active, compared to those who practised no form of relaxation.

The Sydney Morning Herald August 20 2009

What can you find that relaxes you?
Gardening, reading a good book, going for a walk?
Learning to be able to consciously relax your body is a great technique to have and we teach this in our Beginners Meditation and Relaxation Classes in Albury-Wodonga as well as in our set of 6 Meditation lessons on CD.

We trust you are finding time for these beneficial practices.

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