Happiness tip : happy new year

Happy New Year!


Happiness Tip

Happiness Tip : Happy New year


Time to set some intentions for 2016?

What vision do you hold for the year ahead?

What would you love to do, be, or have, if there were no limits?

Take time to go inwards as you reflect on this.

Can you feel the desire deep in your body?

When we embody our vision and intentions, the outcomes are more powerful.
Especially if we stay connected to our vision as the months pass.

Writing it down and creating a vision board can also help us stay connected to our intentions.



Nurture the seedling

Nurture the seedling


Meditation Tip

Nurture the seedling


Our son gave us this avocado tree last Christmas that he had grown from a seed.

Our summers can be very hot. Our soil is mainly clay and the seedling did not survive.

Small plants need constant vigilance to survive in summer. They need daily water and even shade in extreme heat.

When we are new to meditation, our practice is like a very small seedling. It too needs constant vigilance and support.

Just as we protect a new seedling so to do we need to ‘protect’ and support our meditation practise.

One way we can do this is to have a regular time and place for our daily ‘sitting’. When we do this we are helping to retrain our minds by developing a new habit. A habit that is positive and will lead to a happier, more peaceful life.

We need to make a commitment to practice regularly and then stick to that. This is especially true even when we don’t “feel” like it.

Good habits take time to develop. Just as bad habits take time and diligence to change.



The Mind Flows Like a River

The Mind Flows Like a River


Meditation Tip

The Mind Flows Like a River


Imagine you are standing by a river. As you stand there for the next 20 minutes imagine just how much water is passing by.

Our mind is like this river. It is continually flowing. In a 20-minute meditation session we are focusing on just one thing, perhaps the breath, but meanwhile the mind flows.

Our aim is to train our mind to single-minded focus. Just let the distractions come and go, as they certainly will. Once you realise the mind has become involved in thinking, gently and lovingly bring it back to the point of focus.

Some days will be easier than others. But regular practice is essential for progress.


Beginners Meditation and Relaxation Classes:
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The power of observation

The Power of Observation

Meditation Tip

The power of observation


Our practice in meditation is to OBSERVE. But you’ll soon discover that the mind likes to comment on everything.

In Mindfulness practice we are training the mind to stay focused on one thing. There is a story in the discourses of the Vipassana 10-day meditation courses that we have attended over the past 20 years that goes like this:

“You invited your mind into your house to be a servant and it has taken over as master!”

So it does require practice to bring the mind under control. Even so there may be times that our agitation is so strong that it will be nearly impossible for the mind to settle. We simply OBSERVE this too. Gradually with practice there is more peace and less agitation.

Our job with meditation is to ACCEPT and not EXPECT.



Stay with your focus

Stay with your focus

Meditation Tip

In meditation we visit parts of ourselves that are unknown. Do not be concerned if at times you feel uncomfortable. Stay with your focus and the discomfort will pass. Something will replace it. And it may be a sense of deep and abiding peace.

Stay with your focus

Are you on an inner journey?

Are You on an Inner Journey?

Meditation takes us on an inward journey. To peace, calm and happiness. But these are not the goal: the goal is focussing the mind and training the mind to be less reactive. However it is lovely to be able to experience deep calm at times along the way.