feeling the pressure

Feeling the pressure


Healing Tip


feeling the pressure


Lately I’ve been feeling the pressure. Running a business involves an endless list of things to do. Is there ever really enough time in the day?

“But who writes your To-Do list?”, I hear you say. “Surely you can leave a few things off. It can’t be that hard.”

We all have sub-conscious programs that urge us to act a particular way. I believe that we all have approximately 60,000 programs that “run” us. The startling idea for me was that 45,000 of them were in place by age 7!!

Meditation and reflecting on life’s challenges can help us to understand and clear the programs that “control” us. Journaling and talking to other like-minded people can also help.

In terms of being an entrepreneur, I’m learning to be very practical and a bit more realistic, and doing my best to live in joy.



your life purpose

Do you wonder what yours may be?


Meditation Tip

your life purpose


It was my birthday last month and I turned 59. My age has never worried me before however I find that the idea of turning 60 has raised some uncomfortable feelings. I’ve taken the time reflecting on this. What I have realized is that my worry stems from my fear that I have less time to achieve my life purpose.

If you believe in reincarnation, as I do, then you may also believe that we each have a life purpose that we agreed to before we incarnated.

I wonder if mid-life crises are sometimes a way that people come to terms with the age-old questions:

Who am I? and
Why am I here?

These are very worthy questions to spend time mulling over. Scientific Hand Analysis gives insights to our Spiritual contract: those lessons and experiences that we agreed to fulfil before we arrived here.

The first thing to identify in your hand analysis reading is your Life School. This is your foundation. For example I am in the school of Service. I am always drawn to giving service and helping others. I find this very fulfilling.

The four schools are Service, Love, Wisdom and Peace. You will be in one or more of these. Each school has particular characteristics that inform how a person in that school can be out of mental and emotional balance. When you know what your school/s is you have a tool for recognising when you are out of balance.

For example, for those of us in the School of Service we need to avoid being in servitude. Sometimes School of Service people find themselves saying: “Well if I don’t do this job then no one else will. And it has to be done. So I have to do it.” But this approach builds resentment and unhappiness and can lead to ill-health.

My life purpose, as discovered by Scientific Hand Analysis is to be an author and speaker. Do you wonder what yours may be?

Click here to book in for your 60-minute Life Purpose reading using scientific hand analysis.



harsh winter environment

Harsh Winter Environment


Healing Tip


harsh winter environment

We were visiting China a few years ago. Ian took this photo at the top of Mount Taishan. I remember walking along one of the paths when suddenly my feet slipped out from under me. There was some black ice that I didn’t see.

What would it be like to live all year around in a snow-bound location? You would have to consider warmth and protection whenever you leave the house. I think you would also be very tuned in to safety.

We can’t always control where we live. Some people live in harsh environments.

At times we can all have, what I would call, a harsh internal environment. We can be critical of ourselves and of others. It’s easy to believe that whatever has happened is someone else’s fault.

But we can control, over time, our internal environment. We can listen to our self-talk and question its validity. Does it represent the truth? Or am I being influenced by belief systems and mindsets that no longer serve me?

No-one lives in our mind except us! So it is up to us to train our minds if we wish to experience more peace and harmony. This is where a regular meditation practice can really help. Meditation brings calm to the troubled waters of your mind.

It is also good to challenge our beliefs as they can frequently be incorrect. Writing in a journal can be an excellent tool to bring us greater self-awareness and inner peace.

Energy healing techniques like The BodyTalkTM System can also help. Read more…



Happiness tip : happy new year

Happy New Year!


Happiness Tip

Happiness Tip : Happy New year


Time to set some intentions for 2016?

What vision do you hold for the year ahead?

What would you love to do, be, or have, if there were no limits?

Take time to go inwards as you reflect on this.

Can you feel the desire deep in your body?

When we embody our vision and intentions, the outcomes are more powerful.
Especially if we stay connected to our vision as the months pass.

Writing it down and creating a vision board can also help us stay connected to our intentions.



Nurture the seedling

Nurture the seedling


Meditation Tip

Nurture the seedling


Our son gave us this avocado tree last Christmas that he had grown from a seed.

Our summers can be very hot. Our soil is mainly clay and the seedling did not survive.

Small plants need constant vigilance to survive in summer. They need daily water and even shade in extreme heat.

When we are new to meditation, our practice is like a very small seedling. It too needs constant vigilance and support.

Just as we protect a new seedling so to do we need to ‘protect’ and support our meditation practise.

One way we can do this is to have a regular time and place for our daily ‘sitting’. When we do this we are helping to retrain our minds by developing a new habit. A habit that is positive and will lead to a happier, more peaceful life.

We need to make a commitment to practice regularly and then stick to that. This is especially true even when we don’t “feel” like it.

Good habits take time to develop. Just as bad habits take time and diligence to change.



Are you on an inner journey?

Are You on an Inner Journey?

Meditation takes us on an inward journey. To peace, calm and happiness. But these are not the goal: the goal is focussing the mind and training the mind to be less reactive. However it is lovely to be able to experience deep calm at times along the way.