That playful spark

That playful spark

That playful spark

Play is serious stuff: it teaches us about freedom, fairness and fantasy, about boundaries and honour, rules and ruthlessness, about each other and everything else.

Friedrich Schiller once said that man “is only completely a man [or woman] when he [or she] plays”.

And yet as we grow up we move away from playfulness. We become too serious, too self-conscious, too busy to play. The challenge isn’t to become playful. It is to remain playful.

We were all born with that playful spark, that wonder, that capacity for spontaneity and delight. We are still able to become playful, at the drop of a hat, given the permission, the opportunity, and the hat. One of these hats is of course laughter yoga.

So get in touch with your inborn ability to be playful.


Laughter and mental health


Laughter and mental health


Research has shown that Laughter Yoga is a great exercise for both body and mind. It reduces mental tension and increases energy, enabling us to stay focused. Both sides of the brain are stimulated during laughing, which helps to increase clarity, creativity and problem solving ability.

Laughter Yoga has been recommended for people experiencing depression and other mental health disorders because of the mood lifting effect of laughter due to the release of endorphins. “I feel better.” This is the most common answer we get when we ask how people feel when they laugh. The reason is because there’s magic in laughter. Psychologically, it builds our resilience and helps us deal better with life’s challenges. It improves mental health and gives a more positive and optimistic outlook.

Another major cause for mental ill-health is loneliness. Laughter Yoga is a great way to connect. It fosters feelings of sharing and caring and establishes lifelong relationships. Group activities in a Laughter Yoga club not only keep us energised and playful; they also keep the mind away from negative thoughts, thereby promoting our mental wellbeing.



Smile. Laugh. Enjoy.

Smile. Laugh. Enjoy.


Smile. Laugh. Enjoy.


Let’s look at the next ingredient in our happy, healthy life recipe.

Laughter is a magical way of connecting with people – even total strangers. We all feel better after a good hearty laugh, which is why laughter is the best medicine. We adults don’t laugh very much. Do we take ourselves too seriously? Try this little experiment. For the next few days try to smile as often as you can. Make a smile the default position on your face. You don’t have to share it if you don’t want to but you may find it impossible not to. Let the smile spread and explode into a laugh if you want to. But smile just for the sheer joy of being alive. Smile. Laugh. Enjoy.



Take time

Take time to reflect
 on what you’re really here for


Take time to reflect


Take Time

Take time to think;

It is the source of power.

Take time to read;

It is the foundation of wisdom.

Take time to play;

It is the secret to staying young.

Take time to be quiet;

It is the opportunity to seek God.

Take time to be aware;

It is the opportunity to help others.

Take time to love and be loved;

It is God’s greatest gift.

Take time to laugh;

It is music to the soul.

Take time to be friendly;

It is the road to happiness.

Take time to dream;

It is what the future is made of.

Take time to pray;

It is the greatest power on earth.

Author Unknown


I love this poem. I recently found a hand-written copy tucked away in my filing cabinet. I can’t remember copying it! So it is probably 30 years old and it spoke to me then as it speaks to me now. Time is one resource that we get to choose how it is spent. How will you spend your time today?

Wishing you a wonderful 2017 and beyond.


What can you find Joy in today?


Healing Tip

What can you find Joy in today?


I’ve been reading a wonderful book! Matt Corcoran had a spiritual experience back in the 1990s that changed his perspective forever. Out of that came his first book called The Yoooge Philosopy of Life. Then he wrote a workshop to teach people about the purpose of life – which is JOY.


“Joy is the feeling of excitement, adventure, wonder, surprise, abundance, courage, trust, wellness, desire, passion, sexuality, beauty, success, achievement, willpower, motivation, choice, freedom, uniqueness, importance, creativity, fulfilment, support, purpose, inspiration, decisiveness, intuition, connection, awareness, self-appreciation, compassion, newness, bliss and gratitude all combined together as one giant super-feeling.”

It’s All About YOU by Matt Corcoran

What can you find Joy in today?





Healing Tip


healing tip - fear


In December 2012 a friend told me about a 3 day workshop called Goddess On Purpose to be held in Creswick the following March. I registered not knowing much about it. But I knew a workshop like that would be inspiring. As the time approached I thought about cancelling the registration as I figured I could use the $500 elsewhere – like paying my clinic room’s rent! That March I did not have enough clients to pay my rent and I felt stressed, anxious and fearful.

I had heavily invested in a bigger room, bought new furniture, a new computer and had started paying for reception services. My clinic room in central Albury was where I saw my future to be.

At the workshop I realised I had been allowing my ego to make business decisions instead of tuning into my intuition. Fears were running me, fear of failure, fear of success, you name it I had it running as a program and driving me onwards to bigger (and supposedly better) things. I also had a headache for the first 2 days! I needed to make some very difficult decisions.

So I returned home with the intention to at least give the idea of moving the clinic back home some thought. And the rest, as they say, is history. And I have never been happier. I love the peace and quiet of the room and it saves me a lot of travel time and money. I enjoy bringing clients into my home. Meeting Ian and Nugget, our dog, is a bonus.

This time last year I started a program with an American healer and psychic. He was able to clear many deeply held fears that I had brought with me into this life. Now, when I look back on my first few years in business as a natural therapist, I can see how much fear I had, and how it affected me. The fear was in the driver’s seat but yet was completely invisible to me. I will be eternally grateful to this healer.

Do you have fears running your life?

Here are some things you may not know about fear:

  1. The purpose of fear is to keep us safe. It is only when we have too much fear that we need to be concerned. Does fear hold you back from doing new things?
  2. Fear is generated in the kidneys. The opposite of fear is willpower. We need to use our willpower to continue to move forward when there are fears.
  3. The kidneys filter the blood to eliminate waste products into the urine. They also regulate the heart and blood pressure. Living in fear can therefore affect kidney function and blood pressure.
  4. The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys. You may have heard that chronic stress exhausts the adrenals. Stress triggers the Flight/Flight response and then adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones) are released from the adrenal glands. Regular relaxation and meditation take us out of the Flight/Flight response.


What can we do about our fear?

Observe ourselves and our responses to life.

Continue to do some daily meditation and relaxation practices. Laugh as often as you can.

You will get clues about your fears from your dreams as well as when you sit quietly and reflect on your life. Talking to friends and family about our fears will often give us more perspective.

Food for thought?