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harsh winter environment

Harsh Winter Environment


Healing Tip


harsh winter environment

We were visiting China a few years ago. Ian took this photo at the top of Mount Taishan. I remember walking along one of the paths when suddenly my feet slipped out from under me. There was some black ice that I didn’t see.

What would it be like to live all year around in a snow-bound location? You would have to consider warmth and protection whenever you leave the house. I think you would also be very tuned in to safety.

We can’t always control where we live. Some people live in harsh environments.

At times we can all have, what I would call, a harsh internal environment. We can be critical of ourselves and of others. It’s easy to believe that whatever has happened is someone else’s fault.

But we can control, over time, our internal environment. We can listen to our self-talk and question its validity. Does it represent the truth? Or am I being influenced by belief systems and mindsets that no longer serve me?

No-one lives in our mind except us! So it is up to us to train our minds if we wish to experience more peace and harmony. This is where a regular meditation practice can really help. Meditation brings calm to the troubled waters of your mind.

It is also good to challenge our beliefs as they can frequently be incorrect. Writing in a journal can be an excellent tool to bring us greater self-awareness and inner peace.

Energy healing techniques like The BodyTalkTM System can also help. Read more…