your life purpose

Do you wonder what yours may be?


Meditation Tip

your life purpose


It was my birthday last month and I turned 59. My age has never worried me before however I find that the idea of turning 60 has raised some uncomfortable feelings. I’ve taken the time reflecting on this. What I have realized is that my worry stems from my fear that I have less time to achieve my life purpose.

If you believe in reincarnation, as I do, then you may also believe that we each have a life purpose that we agreed to before we incarnated.

I wonder if mid-life crises are sometimes a way that people come to terms with the age-old questions:

Who am I? and
Why am I here?

These are very worthy questions to spend time mulling over. Scientific Hand Analysis gives insights to our Spiritual contract: those lessons and experiences that we agreed to fulfil before we arrived here.

The first thing to identify in your hand analysis reading is your Life School. This is your foundation. For example I am in the school of Service. I am always drawn to giving service and helping others. I find this very fulfilling.

The four schools are Service, Love, Wisdom and Peace. You will be in one or more of these. Each school has particular characteristics that inform how a person in that school can be out of mental and emotional balance. When you know what your school/s is you have a tool for recognising when you are out of balance.

For example, for those of us in the School of Service we need to avoid being in servitude. Sometimes School of Service people find themselves saying: “Well if I don’t do this job then no one else will. And it has to be done. So I have to do it.” But this approach builds resentment and unhappiness and can lead to ill-health.

My life purpose, as discovered by Scientific Hand Analysis is to be an author and speaker. Do you wonder what yours may be?

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gratitude journal

Gratitude Journal

Healing Tip

gratitude journal


Lanterns are lit in times of celebration.
What can you celebrate today?
What can you be grateful for?
These positive thought vibrations plant powerful seeds of happiness for the future. And you get to enjoy them now, as well!
Put a smile on your face right now as you find your top 10 things you are grateful for.
Perhaps even write them down.
A gratitude journal is a great tool when done daily.
Finding happiness in the small things of life builds joy and peace.
We hope you take a moment to build joy today!

Feeling the Mist on Your Face

Meditation Tip

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Look into this photo – Can you feel the mist on your face?

Does this feel pleasurable? Or do you find yourself reacting to the wetness?

Tuning into our bodily sensations is a great way to calm our minds. Observe the feeling. Notice how it changes over time. For how long can you sit with this simple image and the sensations it produces?

Can you sit and allow your mind to slow down, taking you into a calm, meditative state?



Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Meditation Tip

Who Am I?


We can get very “bent out of shape” by life.

Trauma, grief, conflict, relationship breakdowns, experiencing abuse can be very challenging. Sometimes we feel like giving up.

These challenges often get us thinking “Why me?”

But we believe that the greater question to ask is “Who Am I?”

Sitting quietly contemplating our life and the suffering we sometimes feel can help us to come to new understandings. What are the lessons you have learned? Do you know yourself more deeply as a result of your life experiences?


The power of observation

The Power of Observation

Meditation Tip

The power of observation


Our practice in meditation is to OBSERVE. But you’ll soon discover that the mind likes to comment on everything.

In Mindfulness practice we are training the mind to stay focused on one thing. There is a story in the discourses of the Vipassana 10-day meditation courses that we have attended over the past 20 years that goes like this:

“You invited your mind into your house to be a servant and it has taken over as master!”

So it does require practice to bring the mind under control. Even so there may be times that our agitation is so strong that it will be nearly impossible for the mind to settle. We simply OBSERVE this too. Gradually with practice there is more peace and less agitation.

Our job with meditation is to ACCEPT and not EXPECT.