comfortable meditation

Comfortable Meditation


Meditation Tip

Comfortable meditation

It’s important to be comfortable when you begin to meditate. Discomfort is a huge distraction for the mind.

For you, sitting comfortably might be on a cushion with your legs crossed. It might be on a chair or even on the floor with your back against a wall.

No matter which position you choose there are two important things to keep in mind.

The first is that your back should be straight – not ramrod or stiff but erect.

The second is that you are able to be comfortable for the period of time you’ve set yourself for meditating.





Meditation Classes start soon here in Albury-Wodonga

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Our Beginners Meditation and Relaxation Classes are held every few months here in Albury-Wodonga. There are 6 weekly classes and each class runs for 90 minutes. Students leave each class feeling relaxed and energised.

The Beginners class is designed for people who may be experiencing some stress.

The classes involve learning some relaxing yoga breathing techniques and a simple Brain Tapping technique along with the mindfulness meditation practice. This practice is only done for 5 minutes on the first lesson.

The lessons are each filled with lots of different techniques and we always finish the class with guided relaxation.

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Beginners Meditation and Relaxation Classes A new 6-week course starts in Albury-Wodonga on 12 September.

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The Four Agreements


Healing Tip


The Four Agreements


Some families always get along well, and others provide us with opportunities for personal growth. This has certainly been the case for me this year. As I observe each of the generations in my family I can see just how differently we each see the world.

As I ask the question:

“How can I more fully accept these differences?” I am reminded of ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz, a practical guide to personal freedom.

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Don’t take anything personally
  3. Don’t make assumptions
  4. Always do your best

If we can follow these agreements then we can start to heal our relationships and families.



Meditating to music

Meditating to music


Meditation Tip


Meditating to music


Listening to music can be a very soothing form of meditation. Of course the music needs to be something tranquil with no lyrics. Many people use classical music, particularly that of the Baroque period. Some of the popular composers from that period are: JB Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann and Pachelbel.

If you try meditating to music remember to really focus on LISTENING.

This means bringing your mind back to the music each time you notice it wandering.