The flow of the mind

The flow of the mind


Meditation Tip

The flow of the mind


In meditation we are observing the flow of the mind.

Sometimes there are many thoughts that take us away from our point of focus. At other times the mind has more stillness.

With regular practice the mind becomes less reactive, and the meditator experiences more inner peace and harmony.

The research shows that 25 minutes a day can make a great difference to feelings of anxiety and depression.

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Stress comes from our thinking

Stress comes from our thinking


Healing Tip

What have you been thinking lately? Have your thoughts been positive or negative.

This winter I’ve taken time to go inwards. I’ve been doing lots of meditation and have stepped back from actively marketing my business. As an introvert it is always a challenge to talk to lots of people. And it takes me out of my comfort zone.

Which has brought me to the point of questioning the business. Do I really want to be doing this?

There are always lots of different roles that a small business owner has to do. And at times I feel overwhelmed.


Stress comes from our thinking


That is when I really need to listen to my thoughts. Using Byron’s Katie’s The Work,, I can ask “Is it true?” “Do I really know that it is true?”

Frequently I can see that I have made up a story to reflect how I am feeling.

Katie’s questions give us insights about ourselves. They help us to recognize the judgments we are making about the stressful situation.

Inner peace is the art of meeting ourselves with understanding. We need to recognize that the seeds for our unhappiness lie in the sub-conscious mind. These are the belief systems we have inherited as well as our unresolved emotional baggage, along with our attachments and mindsets.

Life invariably gives us people and situations that are challenging. Keeping an eye on our dominant thought patterns can help us to lessen their impact on our life. We can choose our actions rather than find that we have already reacted.



Nature is very healing

Nature is very healing


Healing Tip

Just being out amongst trees and fresh air can bring clarity to our mind.

Looking into the distance, when walking, can help to clear depressive thoughts.


Nature is very healing


Standing barefoot on the ground and/or walking in rain floods the body with negative ions – which help to clear and balance the build up of positive ions. These accumulate when we live in cities and work with technology all day.

So go outside at your next opportunity and breathe in some nature.


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being the witness

Being The Witness


Meditation Tip

being the witness


As we sit in meditation we are the witness to our own mind.

Our thoughts arise and pass, emotions arise and pass, pain may arise and pass, cellular activity arises and passes.

We are training the mind not to react to any of these.

This allows the mind to clear the deeply-held seeds of our unhappiness. These include old emotional reactions, negative mindsets, trauma and belief systems that no longer serve us.

Is this process easy? Sometimes “Yes”, sometimes, “No”.

But having a regular routine helps to remind us to practice. And we feel more calm and peaceful at the end of the time.

Can you practise today?

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Water is Very Cleansing

Meditation Tip

water is very cleansing


Water is very cleansing. And it can be very healing.

As this water rushes downhill it takes small bits of debris and dirt with it.

It’s a very similar process to meditating: the bits of mental dirt and debris of our many daily reactions to life get washed away as we sit quietly developing one-pointed focus.

Sometimes as we sit to meditate there is great agitation in the mind. And we feel like running away. But if we can simply observe this agitation, if we can accept the turmoil in the mind, and continue to bring our minds to our chosen focus, the mind will gradually slow down. And you may experience peace and calm.

But the purpose is not the peace and calm.

The purpose is to purify the mind and your willingness to sit calmly and do the practice is a measure of your commitment to your ultimate happiness.

Be gentle with yourself.

What’s that old saying: “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

Silence is very healing

Silence is very healing


silence is very healing


Sitting silently, quietly in meditation provides us with the opportunity to experience real peace and happiness.

Sitting quietly leads to calmness and a steady mind that allows us to be more fully present.

It is in silence that we begin the process of re-training our minds so that they are more present and more aware.