Does stress causes disease?

Do you think stress causes disease?


The research now tells us that 90% of illness and disease is caused by stress.
Are you ready to learn how to release stress and feel inner peace and calm?


Does stress causes disease?


Beginners Meditation and Relaxation Classes start soon in Albury-Wodonga.
These classes include yoga breathing techniques as well as relaxation.

This class is for beginners and has a focus of techniques to help you experience meditation as well as some theory to understand the source of your stress. The techniques include Mindfulness Meditation to improve concentration, yoga breathing techniques as well as relaxation. The teaching pace is gentle and meditation time is gradually increased over the 6 weeks.

There is more information HERE.
If you have any questions please ring Kathleen on 0416 015 775



Stress comes from our thinking

Stress comes from our thinking


Healing Tip

What have you been thinking lately? Have your thoughts been positive or negative.

This winter I’ve taken time to go inwards. I’ve been doing lots of meditation and have stepped back from actively marketing my business. As an introvert it is always a challenge to talk to lots of people. And it takes me out of my comfort zone.

Which has brought me to the point of questioning the business. Do I really want to be doing this?

There are always lots of different roles that a small business owner has to do. And at times I feel overwhelmed.


Stress comes from our thinking


That is when I really need to listen to my thoughts. Using Byron’s Katie’s The Work,, I can ask “Is it true?” “Do I really know that it is true?”

Frequently I can see that I have made up a story to reflect how I am feeling.

Katie’s questions give us insights about ourselves. They help us to recognize the judgments we are making about the stressful situation.

Inner peace is the art of meeting ourselves with understanding. We need to recognize that the seeds for our unhappiness lie in the sub-conscious mind. These are the belief systems we have inherited as well as our unresolved emotional baggage, along with our attachments and mindsets.

Life invariably gives us people and situations that are challenging. Keeping an eye on our dominant thought patterns can help us to lessen their impact on our life. We can choose our actions rather than find that we have already reacted.



Order from the chaos

Order from the chaos


Meditation Tip

Order from the chaos


Feeling stressed?

Close your eyes and observe the breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils.

Do this daily for 5–10 minutes and you will start to feel a sense of calm wash over your thinking patterns.

Most people get distracted when they meditate and this troubles them. With a mindfulness practice we are simply observing. We generally do this with the breath. Choosing to focus on the entrance to the nostrils gives us a location in which to place our awareness.

Gently, and with acceptance, bring your mind back to the entrance to the nostrils each time it wanders. It takes time and practice to retrain the mind. And it is not a linear process so you will find that some days are easier than others.

This simple practice will very gradually bring order to the chaos of your mind.

Beginners Meditation and Relaxation Classes start soon in Albury-Wodonga.
Find out more HERE



Meditation classes Albury Wodonga

Albury-Wodonga Meditation Classes starting soon


Meditation Tip

Meditation classes Albury Wodonga


Are you ready to experience deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace?

Our Beginners Meditation and Relaxation Classes are held every few months here in Albury-Wodonga. There are 6 weekly classes and each class runs for 90 minutes. Students leave each class feeling relaxed and energised.

The Beginners class is designed for people who may be experiencing some stress.

The classes involve learning some relaxing yoga breathing techniques and a simple Brain Tapping technique along with the mindfulness meditation practice. This practice is only done for 5 minutes on the first lesson.

The lessons are each filled with lots of different techniques and we always finish the class with guided relaxation.

Book now if you are interested in experiencing deep inner calm and peace.

Beginners Meditation and Relaxation Classes: A new 6 week course starts in Albury-Wodonga on Tuesday 25th August. Read more



The Healing Power of Birdsong

The Healing Power of Birdsong


Meditation Tip

The Healing Power of Birdsong


Do you find the singing of birds relaxing?

Did you know that listening to the birds is very good for you? As is being out in nature.

It probably won’t surprise you that unexpected, loud and unpleasant noises can be very stressful on the body. They can trigger our Flight/Fight response.

If you live in an urban environment you may not hear them so often. And if that is the case you might like to listen to a recording. Julian Treasure from The Sound Agency recommends at least 5 minutes each day. For health and wellbeing.

See if you can listen to some birds today!

Meditation Classes in Albury-Wodonga starting soon


Meditation Classes in Albury-Wodonga


Here in Albury-Wodonga our next meditation class starts on Tuesday 23 June. It is a 6-week Beginners Meditation and Relaxation class designed for people who want to manage their stress. Each class includes simple meditation techniques that are very easy to learn. Some take less that a minute to do.

And we always finish with relaxation, so you get to float home!

Is it time you learned how to meditate? Read more or book here now