The Power of Relaxation


The Power of Relaxation


Today we want to remind you of the power of a relaxation practice.

This relaxation practice can be done for just a few minutes or longer.

Lie or sit comfortably. Turn off the computer and any other distractions. Let those around you know you are taking some time out. Set a timer if you wish.

Close your eyes. Take 3 long, slow, deep breaths.

Now start to move your attention systematically through legs, arms, trunk and head. Use any of your 5 senses to observe each part. Don’t worry if you get distracted, just return your attention to the last place you remember.

With each part there may be a vision, a colour or a symbol or an image of the body part. Equally there may be a sound, taste, smell or the physical sensations. Whatever you experience is perfect.

Deep physical relaxation is very enjoyable. However it has powerful benefits that go way beyond enjoyment.


It brings our bodies out of the reactive Flight/Fight state and into a more healthy resting state.

You may know that the Flight/Fight mechanism is designed to save lives. We either run or we fight. To help with this our bodies pumps cortisol around the bloodstream so that our arms and legs move with the required urgency. This same mechanism pumps blood away from our brains!

Have you noticed that your brain is less able to make decisions and complete tasks when you are stressed.

Can you make a commitment to yourself to try this practice today or tomorrow?

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