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64608145Do you suffer from chronic arthritis, excrutiating headaches or debilitating back pain?

You are not alone.

Far too many people experience pain like this, day in, day out.

All without a solution, until now.



Imagine a life where you are relaxed and pain free

Did you know that many illnesses and pain are caused by stress? Sometimes that stress is physical. BodyTalk™ can clear your body of pathogens leaving you with a vibrant immune system and flourishing health. After all, true health means a healthy immune system.

Our other stresses may be mental and emotional. BodyTalk™ will help your body clear the pain and inflammation associated with these trapped emotions.

In just her second session a client, Ilona, had so much old emotion cleared that she stood up in utter disbelief and amazement. Her lungs and chest felt free and unrestricted, for the first time in decades.

Another client felt trapped in her job as a bookkeeper. Over the course of 3–4 months, we were able to clear the belief systems and stifling emotions that were holding her back from moving to a job that she really wanted. She is now embarking on a journey to become a masseur.

Each BodyTalk™ session is simple and safe and gets wonderful results for women just like you.


64608115This truly is preventative medicine!

The BodyTalk System™ allows the body’s own healing abilities to effect change so that you get to see long-lasting, ongoing improvements in your health rather than short-term symptomatic relief. No pills, no band aids. Only wonderful results.

As good health returns we may even notice that we are getting along better with family members. And that’s the most important thing, isn’t it? Relationships that are joyful.

BodyTalk™ can help ease the discomfort of surgery and improve the rate of healing. Each session can improve blood flow and nerve function, as well as lymphatic drainage. Many clients notice their sleep dramatically improves after just a few sessions.


Pain Free, Great Results, Loving Life

Another client found driving on freeways extremely difficult. Now she drives with confidence. Many people these days suffer fear, anxiety and phobias.

In a BodyTalk™ session these fears are gradually addressed in a simple and sensitive way. Many clients report feeling ready to make significant change as these fears are managed and reduced.

As you can see, your life can improve and many different chronic ailments can be helped with BodyTalk™.


You, too, can get back to loving life!

A 60-minute Introductory Session allows you experience BodyTalk™ and Spiritual Healing. You will be also taught a simple brain tapping technique that improves brain function and general health.

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What people are saying about us…

“Since visiting Kathleen for BodyTalkTM sessions over the last 3 years there have been a number of major changes within myself and also in how my family members respond to me.

I have battled to change from a “doormat” mother and niece, whose life has been all about others, to someone who believes it is essential that I now think about myself first. (It is now my turn) And blessing others and letting them go. Although it has been very difficult family members are now much more respectful and our relationships are much more in balance.

Through BodyTalkTM sessions I have been able to release past issues, guilt and perceived doubts to find a safe place where I can feel secure to grow and follow my own life’s path and purpose.

Throughout the many lessons that have unfolded and the healings that have occurred Kathleen has always been supportive, encouraging, wise and always friendly and approachable.

I have continued to see Kathleen approximately every 3 weeks as I gain so much strength and insight, especially on the emotional and spiritual levels. Thank you Kathleen”

Claire Dunstan, Albury, NSW


“I have a bad knee that did not respond to osteopathy or other medical treatment over several years. When Kathleen heard about it and applied her healing wisdom, I felt relief for the first time in ages. Over a few days the pain lessened every day and I began to hope that I will finally be able to resolve this chronic condition. Not all the pain has gone yet but it is clear to me that some physical conditions do not respond to traditional medical treatment but can be fixed by BodyTalkTM, meditation and the energy healing that Kathleen uses.”

Dr Susan Lawler, Scientist, La Trobe University, Wodonga


“I am so glad I booked the Spring Package with Kathleen. When I came to my first session I was negatively focussed on the stress and lack of satisfaction in my current job. The daily routine Kathleen provided kept me more positively focussed and I especially like the tapping exercise which I continue to use periodically if I find myself under stress or feeling scattered.

Kathleen had great advice to help me with my specific challenges and guided me in a caring and gentle way, whilst helping me to get to the route of some more challenging patterns. One week after our last session I had a new job to go to and it was an incredibly exciting day when I was able to finally hand in my notice in my old job that I had been unhappy in for such a long time.

I am certain that Kathleen’s guidance and the wonderful energy work helped me clear that path to move forward in a way I had only dreamed of.”

Andrea Edwards, Wodonga